Clinica Medical Center’s

Dermatology Department offers expert medical dermatology services. Specializing in cosmetic procedures, the department provides precise dermal filler and Botox treatments for natural-looking enhancements. Committed to patient safety, satisfaction, and personalized care, Clinica Medical Center promotes overall skin health and aesthetic well-being.



Clinica Medical Center: Redefining beauty with premium filler services. Our expert team delivers natural results tailored to your unique features. From softening fine lines to restoring lost volume, discover personalized rejuvenation. Schedule a consultation and embark on a journey to a more radiant you. Elevate your beauty with Clinica Medical Center – where expertise meets your unique aesthetic vision.


Elevate your beauty with Clinica Medical Center’s premier Botox treatments, carefully crafted to enhance your natural allure. Our skilled professionals specialize in delivering subtle yet transformative results, smoothing fine lines and minimizing wrinkles. Step into a world of timeless beauty and rejuvenation with our tailored Botox services. where your radiance is our priority at Clinica Medical Center.

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Experience a breakthrough in skincare at Clinica Medical Center, Ajman, where we are dedicated to treating acne and minimizing large pores . Our exclusive treatments have earned recognition, winning the prestigious title of the Best American Product in 2018. Trust Clinica Medical Center to provide unparalleled solutions for clearer, smoother skin. Join us on a journey to radiant confidence – because at Clinica, your skincare triumph begins.

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